Job Description – Office Manager

  • What is the exact title and legal status of the job?

    Office Manager.

  • In which division is this job located?

    Division 1 – Administration.

  • To whom does the employee report?

    To the General Manager.

  • What is the importance of this division in the company activity and what will be its relative importance within the next 3 to 5 years?

    The Office Manager is responsible for companywide communications systems both internally and externally. This post is key to the company future growth and expansion by interviewing, hiring, training, and retention of quality, goal orientated, and competent personnel. The Office Manager is also managing the Accounts Department and is thus responsible for ensuring accurate accounts (in liaison with our accountant) as well as positive cash flow and solvency.

  • Is this job a new one or is it a vacancy due to a departure?

    This position is vacant due to the management determining current candidates were not adequate.

    It is a new position.

  • What is the purpose of the job – how does it contribute to the purposes of the company?

    Your Purpose as Office Manager will be to provide expansion and growth to the company and its personnel by ensuring the companies viability and solvency through its receipts versus expenses.

  • What specific challenges are attached to this job?

    • You will need to be able to judge who to hire and not hire.
    • You will have to keep good staff motivated and willing to perform.
    • You will need to be able to measure/monitor performance and help staff to become efficiency experts
    • As a leader you will be the stable person inside the company, and counted on for making things go right no matter what.
    • As a senior in the office you will provide direction and stability in the environment even when there is volatility and confusion.
  • What products/services are directly or indirectly handled on the job?

    The products/expected results of this executive position are:

    1. Personnel:

      1. Sufficient number of productive, well-grounded and competent staff.
      2. Execution of policy related to compliance to both Federal and State Employment Regulations
    2. Communication:

      1. Efficient and well-run company by nature of the staff following the correct communication patterns designed and established.
    3. Accounting:

      1. Maintain Income stream that is greater than expenses.
      2. Company assets accounted for and secure.
  • What are the precise performance/results expectations?

    1. Well organized, and efficiently operating office
    2. Highly productive and happy staff well suited for their positions
    3. Timely and stellar collections creating increasing cash vs bills each month
  • What are the precise performance/results expectations?

    1. Well organized, and efficiently operating office
    2. Highly productive and happy staff well suited for their positions
    3. Timely and stellar collections creating increasing cash vs bills each month
  • How are those result expectations monitored and measured?

    Performance is monitored with statistics:

  • What are the precise tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job?

    1. Attract and hire correct personnel to establish own division then the rest of the company.
    2. Oversee their training and success on post.
    3. Monitor performance and correct or offload troublesome or low performers.
    4. Answer incoming calls and correctly route.
    5. Ensure staff are following establish internal communication protocols.
    6. All filing is current and accurate for easy access by personnel.
    7. Collecting revenue owed.
    8. Monitor and verify expenses.
    9. Prepare and verify payroll.
    10. Custodian of records including assigned company equipment and vehicles.
    11. Vehicle registration and all insurances.
    12. Staff appearances and company image.
  • What are the required technical and/or administrative competencies?

    • HR experience
    • payroll processing
    • bookkeeping
    • successful management of personnel that inspires vs motivates and fosters team work, personal and professional growth, pride, mutual respect, and compassion
    • Responsible for quality and uniformity of all communication (verbal, written & digital) both inter office and to the public
    • Ability to predict, correct estimation, displaying good judgment, communicating well and effectively, superb organizational skills, systematic, efficient, and inspiring confidence from the staff as a leader.
  • What is the desired or required experience?

    Executive level Office Management experience preferred.

  • What are the required personality and behavioral characteristics?

    Responsible, takes initiative, smart, insightful, creative, knows how and executes plan to develop ability in others, mature, self-confident and inspires it in others, possesses leadership qualities, upbeat, appropriately firm, friendly yet professional, competent, sound judgment, direct yet tactful.

  • What impact could a good or a bad decision on the job have on the division and the company performance?

    • Wrong personnel recruitment is costly to the company financially and incorrect personnel management hurts retention and retards expansion.
    • Improper or lack of staff compliance to established communication lines creates inefficiency and costs the company financially, breeds discontent amongst staff, hurts morale, and undermines confidence in management in personnel.
    • Ineffective collections and financial waste undermines financial stability.
  • What are the planned salary and other compensations?

    Salary negotiable depending on experience and ability

  • What training program is planned for fast results achievement?

    Executive training programmed to ensure success for the right candidate. We can discuss this program during the interview.

  • What kind of performance appraisal is planned on the job?

    Quarterly executive performance assessment by General Manager.

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