Animal Droppings Cleanup

Animal Droppings Cleanup

Thorough Animal Waste Removal and Clean-up

You want to make sure that your property is sanitary and properly cleansed, especially where children are involved. When a home or commercial building makes a person sick, either mold or animal fecal matter is often the cause. And even industrial-strength air freshener will not do the job.

As bad as the odor might be, the odor alone is not the real problem. Your property needs to be cleaned and contaminants must be removed. And the removal of fecal matter should be left to experienced professionals knowledgeable in the proper removal procedures to prevent animal waste from becoming airborne. Professionals like those at WDR.

Guaranteed Animal Droppings Removal Services

In conjunction with specialized training to detect and remove bio-hazardous materials, our friendly technicians will restore your house or place of business to a safe environment. Plus we guarantee our services. If one of our animal droppings services is not done right for whatever reason we will fix it, Guaranteed!

Depend on proper training and experience

Animal Droppings Cleanup

We ensure all contaminants are contained when cleaned-up so they can’t infect other areas.

Animal droppings contain the potential for disease pathogens, including roundworms and parasites, and they are extremely unsanitary. Fecal matter from different animals can present different health problems. For example rodent feces can contain the Hantavirus. Pigeon droppings and bat guano carry a spore known as histoplasma capluatum that causes lung disease when inhaled. And raccoon feces can contain parasites, like roundworm.

This is not only unhealthy, but the pheromone scents left behind from animal waste can cause other animal re-infestations. In short, it can be a very unpleasant, dangerous situation that you find yourself in. For the safety of loved ones or valued employees, it’s important to hire experienced professionals to handle animal feces cleanup problems.

Water Damage Recovery’s experienced technicians can help restore your home or business, along with your peace of mind. They have the proper training and equipment to handle any type of animal droppings cleanup including rodent, bat, bird and mammal fecal matter. Our animal feces cleanup and removal services get rid of all animal dropping so that there aren’t any further contamination issues.

How Animal Droppings Cleanup works

Animal Droppings Cleanup

Animal waste like these bat droppings can lead to illness for your family. We will handle the problem.

Water Damage Recovery’s team of well-trained technicians can take care of any kind of animal feces clean up. Our protocol is the same as for mold removal. We take animal droppings clean up very seriously and treat animal feces as a biohazard.

We only use top-quality products and equipment to take care of odor and pathogens removal. We’ll bring in our state-of-the-art negative air machines to filter the air so the area is not re-contaminated. Negative air machines are designed to filter air in numerous job sites including national disasters. By creating negative pressure, the machine’s air scrubbers capture the contaminated air in your home or business and replace it with safe, non-contaminated air.

Eco-friendly anti-microbials and biosides are used by our technicians to totally clean every inch of the contaminated area. Our skilled technicians are highly trained to deal with any animal droppings clean up scenario, and we offer a quick response time, too.

Rodent prevention tips

Mice and rat infestations continue to be a huge problem here in Northern California. The ideal situation is to keep buildings rodent-free by preventing them from getting inside. To help control the rodent population:

  1. Deny them building access by repairing any openings any larger than a half-inch
  2. Make sure the garage door is shut at night, and that it shuts tightly
  3. Seal siding gaps at the top of the foundation
  4. Close outside doors securely
  5. Store all food in containers with lids
  6. Keep a lid on all garbage containers
  7. If you own a barn, keep it as clean as possible
  8. Clear brush and any other garbage at least 100 feet from your building
  9. Clean floors and counters regularly to reduce food droppings that attract rodents