“The owner of this company was very patient when it came to payment from the insurance company. You have no idea how much stress and possible distress this alleviated, especially when I saw how much this was going to cost. I highly recommend this company in any clean-up situation, whether it is water or fire. The staff is highly knowledgeable and has an awesome work ethic.”

—G.M., Napa

“The team is very professional, thoughtful, and thorough, and my house has never been so clean. They went above and beyond. Thank you.”

—Jeanmarie F., San Jose

“It was 11pm on a Saturday night when I suddenly awoke after dozing off in my chair. ‘What is that noise?’ ‘Why is the carpet wet?’

“I turned and saw water gushing out from the bottom of the bathroom vanity sink! I finally managed to turn the water off but the shut-off outside the house was buried in gravel, so had to go to the water meter itself. What a frustrating and time-consuming effort that was (and lesson learned!)

“I found the only plumber in the Grass Valley yellow pages with 24/7 emergency service and he quickly came over with a large shop-vac in tow. After 20 minutes, he told me that there was just too much water in the house and asked me if he could contact experts with more powerful equipment. Of course I said yes.

“To my amazement he announced that someone would come up from Sacramento that night to work on the clean up! A technician appeared pushing a huge machine called an evacuator. He worked tirelessly vacuuming and dumping water, then moved furniture and finally pulled up the carpet and pads. He worked until nearly 6:00am!

“Over the next three days, 3 1/2 rooms of my 5-room house were spared from being a total disaster.

“The technicians were efficient, courteous, hardworking, conscientious and skilled professionals. I highly recommend Water Damage Recovery if you ever have to deal with water, sewage, mold, fire or other trauma.”

-Julia B., Bergman, Grass Valley, CA

“I won’t go into a bunch of the boring details, but these guys did a great job making a bad situation at least tolerable. We live sort of in the county and a few days before Christmas our hillside behind our house just could not take any more rain and it came inside our home. I called Stanley Steamers (they clean our carpets every so many months) and they recommended Water Damage Recovery.

“I called and they were super busy. Lots of people had water issues that night. They kept me in the loop by calling to let me know when they would be at my house. They moved my furniture, took the baseboards off, pulled back the carpet, took out the wet pad, soaked up the water, placed fans and a dehumidifier in my living room and checked other areas (walls).

“They came back the next day to check on things. Then a few days later came back and put the house back together. It was not fun having my living room apart for Christmas, but they were courteous, thoughtful of my things and I would highly recommend them.”

-Lisa K., Fremont, CA

“This is a great company. Excellent response time. My sewer line was leaking under my house, and this was unknown until a plumber came out and uncovered the problem. Water Damage Recovery were on the scene, not only mitigating the issue, but also making sure that my family was protected from any dangerous bacteria.

“Rick was always in touch with us (due to me and my family being relocated to a hotel room) to keep us updated with all that was going on. Rick was even awesome enough to help with the organization and coordination of making sure the broken pipes were fixed and proper photographic documentation was made for insurance purposes. Rick coordinated with my insurance company making sure that proper resources were used to not only clean my home and contents, but to make sure that decontamination was proper and completely obtained.

“Also, I would like to mention, the owner of this company was very patient when it came to payment from the insurance company. You have no idea how much stress and possible distress this alleviated, especially when I saw how much this was going to cost. I highly recommend this company in any clean-up situation, whether it is water or fire. The staff has high knowledge and an awesome work ethic.”

-Gregory M., Napa, CA

“These people may not be life savers, but they are property savers. In an age when it is getting rarer to encounter people who deliver what is expected, Water Damage Recovery stands out. Unfortunately, this is the second time our downstairs has flooded. Two years ago the firm that handled it did not do a very good job.

“This time, I contacted Water Damage Recovery. On a day when all the companies I called were swamped with work because of the big storm we experienced the night before, Water Damage Recovery showed up when they promised with the proper equipment. Christian was a joy to work with. He explained everything and then got to work installing blowers and dehumidifiers. He even helped me move heavy furniture so that we could get to the wet areas.

“They sent someone every day to monitor the situation and take whatever steps were needed to manage the recovery process. I can recommend these professional people thoroughly.”

-Harris M., Oakland, CA

“I referred water damage recovery to many jobs in the Bay Area in the last two years. Every job that I refer out to a company I check with the customer after, and out of at least 100 jobs, each customer has had a great review about their excellent people skills and customer service. They make it to an emergency very prompt and ready to work. I wouldn’t refer any other company.”

-John H., Daly City, CA

“Water Damage Recovery is an outstanding company that not only knows what they are doing, but also provides excellent customer service. My plumbing company, after repairing a broken sewage line, highly recommended Water Damage Recovery to safely remove the hazardous waste. This company lived up to the recommendation!

“Everyone I dealt with was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They contacted me within an hour after the line was repaired and completed the job within hours of that. John, the technician who came out, was polite and respectful of my property. When finished, he explained exactly what he had done and why. I could have not been more pleased or impressed with the expertise and service Water Damage Recovery provided! I, too, highly recommend them!”

-Jo-Anne K., Santa Rosa, CA

“I have been dealing with this company for many years. They have never failed me. I’ve called morning, noon and night and they always come right out. They are professional and their pricing is fair. Maria the owner is always cheerful and a joy to work with.”

-Audra H., Plumber, San Francisco, CA

“I used Water Damage Recovery after a pipe broke under my parent’s apartment building. The plumber replaced the pipe but could not remove all the water that had accumulated under the building from the broken pipe. The plumber gave me Water Damage Recovery’s phone number and I called them. They were wonderful!! They were responsive, communicative and friendly. They showed concern and squeezed me into their already jammed schedule. Angel and Christian came out at the end of their very long shift to get my job done. They were very professional and took care of everything.

“I hope never to have water damage in the future, but if I do there is no one else I would call. Water Damage Recovery’s number is now in my cell phone. Angel and Christian, thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!”

-Dorothea K., San Francisco, CA