August -Things Homeowners Do to Cause Water Damage

​Piping in our homes and yards is like the veins and arteries in our bodies. When we eat fatty foods, act like couch potatoes or smoke cigarettes, the piping can get clogged or even blocked. ​When we eat right, exercise and avoid bad habits, ​we usually don’t have a problem.​ ​When pipes are uncared for or ​abused, they can be damaged or compromised – and things can go ​very wrong
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We Ignore the Obvious

one of the least obvious ways homeowners can cause water damage to their home is by neglecting one of the first things people see on a home – their gutters. Gutters ​filled with leaves, sticks and debris​ slow​ or completely block the flow of rainwater away from a home. The result? Water leak​s  through your roofor into your basement from your foundation.

We Plant the Wrong Lawn Decor

​t​he value of a home skyrocket​s​ with the help of a fresh coat of paint, new shutters and the right foliage. ​While trees provide shade, shelter​ ​and beauty, they can also wreak havoc on your water system. Roots from trees​ ​can find their way right into your septic tank, drainage system​ ​or water lines. ​A little botany research before buying a property with trees or planting new ones can save you thousands​.

We Mix Oil with Water

​The same concept of keeping fats out of our bodies applies to keeping fats and oils out of our water system. ​It only takes one pan of bacon grease to cause a blockage that won’t go away with a cardio class. Allow cooking grease to cool and toss it in the trash instead.
We Create a Bigger Problem by Fixing a Small One
A full bottle of Drano® down the clogged drain ​is what we’ve been taught on tv​. However, while these powerful chemical agents can disintegrate      clog-causing materials, they can also compromise the integrity of your piping or even create holes and leaks. Go to your hardware store, there are little plastic device that pulls out the most disgusting hairballs and grunge. One of the biggest problems is  dental floss in the sink and in the toilet.  If you can’t do it yourself, calling a plumber is cheaper than replacing the pipes. ​We think Garbage Disposals are magic, despite their obvious power, they can’t do everything.  Egg shells and potato peels, coffee and rice and pasta don’t get fully annihilated.  ​

When emergencies​ do ​occur, you need professionals who will respond to the problem quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. With Water Damage Recovery,​ our IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)-certified technicians are available 24/7 to handle your water emergency. We serve San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, ​Davis, ​Pittsburg, and surrounding areas. Call us at 510-351-7510 or visit our site to learn more about our services.

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